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14 Jun 2017


Role: Service Manager, Residential Care

Length of aged care service: 16 years


How did you get into aged care?

I’ve been working in aged care for 16 years but I originally trained as a trauma nurse in England. It was when I moved to Perth and working at a hospital that a friend suggested I look into it as a career.

I did an agency shift in residential care and left feeling happy and fulfilled. I managed to make people smile that day.

From there, I completed my aged care accreditation and got a job as a registered nurse initially before my manager gave me the opportunity to be a clinical nurse to oversee the facility.

I’ve since moved on to become a service manager with other aged care providers in Perth before coming to Amana Living where I am responsible for overseeing Amana Living’s residential care and transition care centre at Bull Creek.

What do you love about working in aged care?

I love making people smile, and I’ve instilled this philosophy into my team. You must make somebody smile at least once a day, whether that’s by having a chat with them, playing a game or having a cup of tea.

I’m always trying to make the life of my residents better. If you have happy clients and residents, you have happy families. Plus, listening is key in aged care.

I get satisfaction from the challenges too, such as completing the assessments and accreditation, and providing support to residents and families during palliative care.

My passion for aged care stems from my childhood. My grandmother lived with us until she passed away at 97, and we were very respectful of her.

It’s the same approach I take with our residents and clients at Amana Living. Our job is to make them feel honored, respected and loved.

What training have you undertaken?

I’m a registered nurse and I have a business background too with a BTEC in Business Management from England.

Since joining Amana Living, I’ve completed training in mental health, transitional care and risk management. It’s taught me a lot as my experience is with people living with dementia, whereas you can get a whole range of clients with different physical and mental health needs in transition care.

Amana Living is very supportive of staff training needs. I recently had the privilege of attending Towards Elimination of Restrictive Practices 11th National Forum, it was very useful and I can now implement some of what I learnt.

What is your advice to someone thinking about working in aged care?

If you’re thinking about working in aged care, you must love older people. It takes a lot of patience and commitment, but the end result is so rewarding when you see a smile on somebody’s face from something you’ve done with them. 

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