Recruiting people who have a hospitality and customer service mind-set has been in response to the shift towards a free market under Consumer Directed Care and higher consumer expectations.

Similar to the tourism sector, the overall customer experience in aged care is a critical part of customer satisfaction. An aged care job is not purely mechanical – you’re not just lifting someone out of bed or giving them a shower. You’re helping them get the most enjoyment possible out of life.

Joy of Helping Others:

A great aged care worker delivers services with compassion, enthusiasm, patience and commitment. If you talk to any of our managers at Amana Living, the employees who make the biggest impact are those who bounce into work and get enjoyment out of putting a smile on the face of their clients. They are team players, who work well with others and are prepared to pitch in.

The people who excel in aged care are also good at establishing relationships with people from all walks of life. They see every client as an individual and take the time to find out who they are and what is important to them. They also have the ability to establish relationships with the family members who entrust us with their loved ones’ care.

Skills Needed:

Of course, aged care workers need the technical skills required to do the job, whether that’s using the correct lifting technique, safe provision of medication, or caring for people with specific conditions such as dementia. We need people who are committed to learning new skills and applying them consistently on the job.

But, this is a people business, so first and foremost the ideal aged care worker needs a positive attitude and a genuine interest in caring for older people.

Next Steps:

If you think you have what it takes to work in aged care, take a step towards a new career by contacting the Amana Living Training Institute (ALTI) on 1300 492 703 or by emailing With training developed and delivered by active aged care professionals, you’ll get the practical knowledge and skills you need to start your career on the right path.