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Non-Accredited Short Courses

These courses are a great way to pick up new skills for professional and personal development.

Our courses cover the mandatory practical skills you need to work in the aged, home and community care (HACC) and disability care sectors. They include workshops offering hands-on training that is easily transferable to the workplace.

You will benefit from the wealth of knowledge, skills and experience brought to the sessions by our trainers, who have all worked in the health and aged care sectors. We understand the needs of employers, and ensure all our courses are designed to meet aged industry compliance standards. 


3.4.1 Medication Management

Our registered nurse educator delivers these sessions, which include 3 on-the-job competency assessments.

3.4.10 Palliative Care Training for Carers

Palliative care may be needed when someone has a life-threatening or life-limiting illness, and/or they are approaching end of life through the normal ageing process.

3.4.11 Dementia Care Training for Carers

Those needing a deeper understanding of dementia and practical strategies to promote positive interactions in supporting a person with dementia will find this course invaluable.

3.4.12 Dysphagia Awareness Training

This course helps carers to better understand dysphagia and how to offer support. 

3.4.13 Continence Management (Bowel & Bladder)

We offer training in the correct choice and fitting of continence aids in this session.

3.4.14 Food Safety Workshop

This workshop provides the skills and knowledge needed to safely handle, prepare and store food in accordance with organisational policies and procedures.

3.4.15 Person Centred Care

Person centred care has many facets. This session provides an insight into the person centred care philosophy and gives practical strategies to implement the approach. 

3.4.16 Cultural Awareness for Carers

This session aims to increase understanding and respect for cultural differences, leading to better care for clients. 

3.4.17 Falls Prevention

This workshop provides the skills and knowledge required to minimise the risk of falls, working in partnership with older people and their carers.

3.4.2 Manual Handling & Occupational Health and Safety

This 4 hour session is a blend of theory and practical tasks. It focuses on the risks associated with working in the direct care sectors  and explains the strategies used to prevent injuries at work.

3.4.3 Infection Control

Employees within the health care and community services sectors need to work in accordance with infection control policies, procedures and industry standards. This course provides the skills and knowledge required.

3.4.4 Personal Care

Topics in this session focus on providing support services according to an established individualised plan. It is delivered as a blend of both theory and practical tasks.

3.4.5 Clients’ Rights, Responsibility, Abuse & Neglect

This session covers topics associated with the rights of clients who receive a service.

3.4.6 First Aid for Carers

This is a non-accredited workshop focusing on basic First Aid techniques for carers. For our nationally accredited Provide First Aid course, refer to the Accredited Short Courses section.

3.4.7 Grief and Loss

One of the most challenging times as an aged care worker is when you are supporting residents and their families through a period of loss and grief. The ability to handle situations like this with confidence and skill is essential.

3.4.8 Diabetes Awareness

With the rise in diabetes and the increasing complexity of managing the disease, health professionals need to keep abreast of the latest information, advances and technology. In this course, our registered nurse educator delivers current information on the management of clients with diabetes in both residential and home care settings. 

3.4.9 Mental Health for Carers

This session raises awareness of common mental health issues.

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