Course structure

Each course consists of face to face trainer-directed Development Workshops and Tutorials. ALTI also offers additional Review Tutorials intended to consolidate learning and provide extra support to students who require it; however your attendance is optional.

Courses may consist of practical simulation sessions and skills development days, followed by work placement learning and assessment. Work placement hours will vary dependent on the qualification.

Once enrolled into your course, you will receive an email reminder 72 hours prior to each scheduled class. For online Zoom sessions, the reminder will direct you to a link to the relevant platform and resources. You must reply to confirm your attendance for all classes, including Zoom sessions.

You must be present for the entire time allocated to each class. We do not accept late admission or requests to leave class early unless genuine reasons are provided.

Should you not be available to attend any classes as scheduled, please advise us as soon as possible prior to the class date. We can reschedule your class as all units repeat throughout the year.