Unique Student Identifier

A Unique Student Identifier (USI) is an individual education number, mandated by the Australian Government for all students who wish to receive a qualification or statement of attainment.

If you are undertaking Nationally Recognised Training delivered by ALTI, you are required to have a USI. The USI gives you access to an online account containing all your Nationally Recognised Training records and results from 1 January 2015 onwards. You USI is also required to apply for Commonwealth financial assistance.

You will be required to provide your USI to ALTI during enrolment. Certification documents cannot be issued to you without a USI.

A USI is free, and available to all potential students. You can create an account online, or if you require assistance we can help you to apply.

You are required to have one form of identification to apply:

What does a USI look like?

A USI is made up of ten numbers and letters and will look something like this:


Do I need to give my USI to ALTI?

Yes, once you have your USI, inform ALTI so that we can verify your number and attach it to your student information. Please email your USI verification details to training@amanaliving.com.au.